Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Suzuki VS Yamaha Outboards 4-Stroke

Hello, let me start out by saying that I'm a Outboard lover and was wondering if anyone has ever seen or heard about a competition between the newer 4 stroke series outboards, all you see on You tube and other sites are the good old E-tec vs yamaha 4-stroke, where the Evinrude sinks the Yami into the water.

Would like to hear from the people who made the switch as well, from Merc to Yami, Yami to Suzi and so on. I did the switch about 3 years ago from the yami merc motor 225 4 stroke, which for people who don't know, the yami merc is a Mercury Outboard with Yamaha's block, and in my findings, with a Yami-Merc and a 19pitch SS prop wide open i would get about 54Mph on a 22FT Sea pro and with the Suzuki i would get about 52 with same prop, but i noticed that even though the yami-merc was a lil faster on the top, it seeme, the suzuki had alot better mid-range torque and was way better on fuel consumption which can be a huge deciding factor on new purchase side.